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Light From the Dark

After several site visits, each of us chose different objects from the collection as a starting point for work. Hannah Henderson, Bridewell curator, who clearly has a passion for the collections, was extremely accommodating in discussing proposals for an exhibition of Bookworks.

She showed us an area that is usually closed to the public. On first entering the undercroft and vaults of the museum, we just knew this would make a fabulous setting for the work. Hannah explained it is not usually open to the public due to limited accessibility (entered via steps) but was never the less enthusiastic about the potential of us using the space.

Having agreed, we were able to set up the show in four rooms which get progressively darker as you move through the building. Several windows allow shafts of light to filter into the dark. The atmosphere is palpable. It has a dark history. These damp, dark spaces were once used as punishment rooms.

This was to be the setting for our exhibition.

Collective @
Museum of Norwich
at the Bridewell

Karen Apps
We Begin Again
Ruth Lin and Audrey Vick

Museum of Norwich
at the Bridewell

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