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Jen Fox

Staying with industries, Jen Fox explores connection to place through walking.

Museum Source Objects: Industrial Gallery, Bridewell

Title: To have within: hold: Contained: Share.

A industrious heritage...



The industrial heritage of Norwich and the connection between people is what inspired the installation. Her research revealed that one hundred and fifty different crafts and trades were carried out in Medieval Norwich. Around half the population of the city were engaged in manufacture of some kind, with the leather and cloth trade dominating. The Bridewell has a gallery packed full of artefacts proudly demonstrating Norwich’s industrial heritage.

Jen states

“To have within: hold: Contained: share Repetition Accumulation. These words, and these traits are connected with the heritage industry of Norwich. We see them used in the factories; in making, referring to the operation of the hand, foot and machine, and in the terms used in weaving, shoe making and print.

They cover an accumulation of skills, including those brought from the arrival of the Strangers in the I6th century. The Strangers were Dutch, Walloon and Flemish weavers. Norwich amassed a wealth of experience and expertise from these individuals.

I want to give a poetic form to the ineffability of human perceptual experience, and to express my own feeling of connectedness to Norwich, the streets and industries that played a part in the rich history. Equally, to highlight the work of museums and passionate individuals who continue to preserve and play a part in telling the stories and keeping our social history alive.”

Museum Source Objects: Industrial Gallery

Title: The Fold I (Corten Steel)
and The Fold II (Perspex)

Something overlooked...


Every time it is turned over, turned out, unfolded; it shows something new or something overlooked that seems new.

Every time it is refolded it shows new secrets, new wonders, new histories. It reveals regeneration.

A folded item is sacred somehow, can be shared, opened or closed and contained.


Norwich has adapted, been strengthened, been fractured

but always "held' 'contained’ 


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